Cozy Folk 10" Moderate Flow Cloth Pad

Cozy Folk 10" Moderate Flow Cloth Pad

If you’re not sure what size you need, these 10″ cloth menstrual pads are a great place to start! As the most popular size, many women find them to be perfect for normal daytime use, and petite women can often use them overnight too.

• Topped with cotton flannel
• Absorbent rayon-from-bamboo fleece core
• Leak-resistant Wind Pro fleece backing & wings
• Polyresin snaps with engraved letter to indicate absorbency
• 10″ long & 2.5″ wide across the middle when snapped
• Handmade in Oregon


Washing & Caring for Cloth Pads:

If you’re using pantyliners for everyday discharge, it’s totally fine to just toss them directly into your dirty laundry basket for later. For pads with blood on them, it’s best to either rinse or soak them as soon as possible after use.

To rinse:
Place the pad in the sink or bathtub under cold water, and gently wring it out until the water runs mostly clear. Optionally, rub a little baking soda into the fabric for a natural leave-on stain remover. Keep the rinsed pads in a laundry basket until you’re ready to wash them.

To soak:
Find a lidded container to keep in the bathroom – you can reuse a plastic cat litter bucket, an old cooking pot, or anything else you have around the house. Fill it half full with water, and as you remove each pad, just drop it in the container. Change the water daily (optionally, add a little detergent, baking soda, or tea tree oil to the water to reduce odors) and dump all the pads directly into the washing machine at the end of your period.

On laundry day, machine or hand-wash your pads as usual with cold or warm (not hot) water, then line dry or tumble on low heat. Pads can be washed with a load of towels or regular laundry so no extra water is used. An all-natural detergent is best. Castile soap like Dr. Bronner’s is wonderful for your body & planet, but those nice organic oils can clog the fibers of fabric and reduce absorbency, so it’s best to avoid it when washing pads, towels, and other similar items. Chemical fabric softener and dryer sheets can also reduce absorbency; a cup of vinegar added to the rinse cycle is a cheap, green alternative. Please do not iron or bleach your pads as this will damage them, and also try to avoid regularly exposing your pads to high temperatures when washing or drying.

Other tips:

- While not absolutely necessary, it’s a good idea to wash your new pads once before using them, especially if you have any allergies.

- Take care of your pads and they’ll take care of you! Please avoid treating them in ways that could stretch out fabric or damage snaps – for example, don’t yank the wings apart roughly or try to force the wings to snap into a contained pouch. To contain messes inside your used pads, you can fold the pad in half lengthwise, then snap the wings together around one side.

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