Cramp Care Heat Pack

Cramp Care Heat Pack
Our Cramp Care Heat Pack offers a convenient and effective way to relieve menstrual cramps. It’s perfect size of 5x8 inches fits comfortably on the lower abdominal or back area and can be used either hot or cold.
The Cramp Care Heat Pack is made with an All Natural filling that can be heated/froze to create a heat or cold pack. 
As a Cold Pack it works great for alleviating headaches. 
With its convenient size and design, you will enjoy using this natural, eco-friendly, cramp reliever over and over again.
For a Heat Pack:
Place in clean microwave and heat for 15-45 seconds (depending on appliance) or gently heat in oven. Shake to distribute heat evenly and apply.

For a Cool Pack:
Place in freezer for 1 hour or more. Apply.

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