Earth Day


6 Shocking & Saddening Statistics on the Impact of Disposable Feminine Hygiene Products

1. There are over 70 million menstruating women in North America

2. Each woman will use approximately 17,000 disposable pads or tampons in their lifetime

3. Approx. 20 BILLION pads, tampons & applicators are sent to N. American landfills each year

4. Hundreds of thousands never make it to the landfill and can be found in coastal areas

5. Over 90% of traditional pads are made out of plastic, polluting our environment forever

6. The gross environmental impact on the chemicals (like chlorine bleach) and other substances found in traditional products is largely unknown


7 Personal Advantages of a Menstrual Cup (outside of the wonderful environmental benefits)

1. 12 Hour Protection - WAY longer wear time compared to pads & tampons

2. Comfort - No rash or irritation

3. No Concerns of TSS - With millions of products sold there have been ZERO cases of TSS

4. No Vaginal Dryness - Cups do not absorb natural moisture in the body like tampons, but rather collect it

5. Convenient - With a longer wear time and the ability to hold much more than pads or tampons it means less trips to the bathroom to change out product

6. Color Selection - Lunette comes in FUN colors!

7. $$$ Savings $$$ - Need we say more? Reusable options like Lunette will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time


Earth Day Special

To honor Earth Day, we are encouraging women to try out a healthier alternative to chemical filled, plastic laden disposable products with a special 10% discount on all Lunette purchases. For the month of April you can cash in on the extra savings you will receive by using promo code #EARTHDAY at check out.

Find all our Lunette products (including their great FeelBetter Wash & disinfecting cup wipes) in our menstrual cup section.


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