Life got you too busy? Looking to add some convenience? Or maybe you just don't want to display your personal products at check out for everyone to see?
We have a solution for you!! 

Step 1
Pick your favorite products.
Step 2
Select how often you want your shipments.
• Every month
• or every 2, 3 or 4 months
Step 3
Delivered to your door!
(in discreet packaging)

Subscribe today to get your favorite products delivered to you when you need them.
No more last minute trips to the store because you will "Be Prepared. Period."
*Cancel or change your products anytime.


Step 1. Pick Your Favorite Products
Shop our store for your favorite feminine hygiene products (or try new ones). Click on the product of your choice.
Step 2. Select How Often You Want Your Shipments
After clicking on the product of your choice, you will see details about the product as well as a drop down box with subscription options (Every 1 Month, Every 2, 3 or 4 Months). Select the option that displays how often you would like to receive that product and click ADD TO CART. When you are done selecting all your items click on the shopping basket at the top of the page to continue the check out process. Your shopping cart will display all the products selected and the subscription option you selected for confirmation.
Step 3. Receive Your Order at Your Door!
That's it! Your package will arrive at your door (in discreet packaging). No more last minute trips to the store because you will “Be Prepared. Period.”

More Information on Subscriptions
Subscription orders will be billed and shipped automatically Every 1, 2, 3 or 4 months (depending on the option selected), within the same week initial order was placed. 
Example: A customer with a subscription/order placed on October 15th, with the “Every 2 Months” option selected, would be billed/shipped their next order the week of December 15th. 
Subscription Changes. Cancel at anytime!
Subscriptions can be managed in the customer account section. 
To manage your subscription: Log into your account and click “View your order history.” There you will be able to view/change your order(s).

Have a question? Contact us at, we are always happy to help!