Menstrual Advice

It's time to be real. Menstruation is something most of us having been dealing with on a monthly basis for the majority of our lives, yet know relatively little about. And, unfortunately, with how our culture handles the topic most women have nowhere to turn for answers to their menstrual questions.

As parents we struggle with questions like:

  • How can I know when my daughter will start her first period? (yes, you can now determine when her big day will be!)
  • What should she know so everything will go smoothly at _______? (school, sports, sleepovers, swimming, etc.)
  • Is it normal for her period to be so _______? (fill in the blank – irregular, heavy, long, painful, etc.) 
As women we struggle with concerns like
  • Finding better ways to manage heavy flow
  • Irritation from pads and tampons
  • Dealing with severe PMS symptoms
What if you could pick up the phone and get real answers to whatever questions you may have? This need is why we recently launched a new service. Whether you prefer to call us your Menstrual Mentor, Period Coach or something else entirely, we are here to help. It’s our goal to help you (and/or your daughter) achieve a Better Period. If you’d like assistance please take us up on our offer of a FREE 15 minute consultation.
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