Promote PeriodTalk

Do you share in our mission of:
  • Preparing all girls for menstruation
  • Empowering every woman to have a better period (through the education of healthier product alternatives and/or period support)
  • Facilitating open menstrual conversation without shame or embarrassment?
If you stand behind our cause and would like to see postive changes for girls and women, help us spread the word!
We are now offering Promote PeriodTalk Packets to pass out to your friends and/or favorite organizations. Packets include our brochures (discussing the importance of each mission) as well as our PeriodTalk postcards - a fun discussion piece all by itself. Request your packet today, just let us know how many you'd like.
There are a number of ways to help support & promote Period Talk.
Additionally, you can:
  • Tweet about or RT PeriodTalk Tweet Chat tweets
  • Use the #PeriodTalk hashtag when tweeting about menstrual topics
  • Post about PeriodTalk on other forums or social networking sites you belong to (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Visit, Post and/or Share questions and answers in our new PeriodTalk Q&A Community
  • Openly talk about periods with friends and family without shame or embarrassment (the more that do it, the more acceptable it will become)
  • Share about PeriodTalk (the tweet chat or our new PeriodTalk community) on your website or blog (In appreciation for sharing on your site we are excited to offer the opportunity to be included in our giveaway promotions. Contact us for more info.)
  • Contribute one of your period stories. Sometimes the most helpful information comes from the friendly voice of someone that has experienced the same thing.
  • Donate an item. (featured on our Giveaway page) Giveaways are used to help create PeriodTalk buzz! - "Click Here" to inquire.
Thank you for your support!
- The Be Prepared Period Team